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The Week That Was




And so the London Book Fair has ended. Those three terrifyingly busy days were over almost as quickly as they snuck up on me to begin with.

Most of my fair-related anxiety was with regards to speaking in front of a crowd, and getting lost on the tube – both of which were quite manageable in the end (also, we won an award!). In other news: if you ever need to practice a speech, I can really recommend the lawn in front of Westminster Abbey on one of London’s five sunny days.

We spent our evenings stalking Judy Dench and exploring London. We walked around Hyde Park and passed Buckingham Palace. Trafalgar Square, Covent Garden, and Soho also featured. We were waylaid by a secondhand bookstore boasting first edition Hemmingway (as well as Hitler, but we won’t dwell), and I ate bangers and mash in a pub, because England.

Oh, and Will Self autographed a book for me. I’m trying to find a way to fit that into a paragraph, but can’t. I’m just going to let it stand alone. I’ve been meaning to read his books for a while now, so I guess now I can read one with my name in it. Woo.

I’ve since migrated an hour or two away, just outside of Reading. I’ll be back in London in a week or so, but until then you can brace yourselves for my fine travelogue on the sights and sounds of Burghfield Common. You lucky thing, you.

The Week That Was



Yesterday I baked a cake. Layers of chocolate chiffon sponge and dark chocolate ganache, topped with smooth, fluffy, pink rose-water icing. It was for my birthday party, and it was perfect (the party I mean, although the cake was delicious too).  All my lovely friends ate and drank and made merry with me, and I still had a reasonable amount of sleep and escaped with only having one and a half shots of tequila. That’s a win in my book.

I’m flying to London tomorrow for the London Book Fair. That means tons of last minute admin, and packing, and attempts at deadline meeting. Also, tea. Lots and lots of tea. Once all the work is don, it’ll be holiday time! I can’t wait. Best birthday present ever.

The Week That Was


Things seem to be moving very quickly and very slowly these days. Monday gave way to Friday in an impossible blink, and yet I managed to finish a good chunk of work. I also managed to finish a book. I constantly feel like I could be doing more, though. If only I could give up compulsive television watching. Speaking of which, it is getting closer and closer to the release of the new Game of Thrones, and the second half of Doctor Who. I’m very excited.

This weekend I had sushi and wine, read The Hobbit, spent an entire day on Pinterest, and went for a glorious walk in Newlands forest. I  also watched a very enjoyable British spy movie called Page Eight. That’s about it.

Onwards and upwards.

The Week That Was


There’s a month until I leave for the London Book Fair (and our amazing holiday afterwards). Things are starting to pull together, our accommodation is reserved, and train tickets are booked. I’m just starting to get nervous about the Shengan visa which I have yet to apply for. But, fingers-crossed I’ll be able to sort that out next week.

That, and taking measurements of our new home, x-rays and doctor appointments (for troublesome wisdom teeth), and loan applications. Oh, and getting medical aid and travel insurance, finalizing our itinerary, and tackling an ever expanding to-do list at work. *sobs*

It’s a mad time, with lots of admin to sort out, planning to do, house transfers to oversee, and work to complete before the very immovable deadline of April 12th. From the 26th I will be free for three whole weeks to wander the streets of foreign cities, and eat cheese, and do nothing and everything at the same time. I can’t wait.

Until then I’m getting myself through with some treadmill pounding, balanced with spoonfuls of Nutella. The final few episodes of The Wire, and a good book, have helped as well.

Illustration by FUCK! I’m in my twenties.


The Week That Was


It was a busy busy week this week, so I needed a lovely relaxing weekend. This one was perfect.

Skrillex played on Friday night at the ostrich farm in Durbanville. We had VIP tickets, which was great, because it meant that we weren’t in the throngs of people by the stage, and no one was touching me or showering me with their sweat. I always appreciate that. It was a gorgeous night, we danced under the stars, and left early enough to skip the traffic.

On Saturday morning I met Kelly for a catch up chat over coffee/hot chocolate, and then drove to Kalk Bay to spend the evening with Za. She braved the icy rock pool water, we ate cake from Olympia Bakery, had dinner at Harbour House, and talked about art history until the early hours of the morning.

We finished our sleepover off with some morning shop browsing and a delicious breakfast at Ours, and then I went off to see what the Design Indaba had to offer this year. Jon and I ate El Burro food-truck tacos for lunch, and I had delicious plum ice-cream from The Creamery. It was all kinds of awesome.

Illustration by Conrad Roset

The Week That Was


It’s been a hard couple of weeks news-wise in SA. As a  result a lot of things have begun to feel banal. Things like Valentine’s Day. It seems incredibly trivial to be buying flowers and eating out, when just weeks ago Anene Booysen was raped and brutally murdered. And she was not the first victim, nor will she be the last in the slew of violent crimes against women in this country. Then, Ocsar Pistorius shot his girlfriend when he allegedly mistook her for a burglar. Whether or not his defense is true, it is tragic – a woman lost her life – a fact that most media outlets only seem to be giving a cursory acknowledgement to. The way the media is dealing with this case is disappointing. It’s also incredibly disappointing that this news was receiving around 100 tweets per second this morning (as the story became ever more exploitative in it’s speculation), while the State of the Nation Address was getting 16 tweets. Though, I suppose, if it takes a famous person’s trial to make South Africans interested in how our legal system works, so be it.

Two days ago I was reading the National Development Plan’s vision statement, written by Anjie Krog and Njabulo Ndibele. They write from the imagined perspective of South Africans in 2030. It’s very inspiring stuff.

South Africa belongs to all its peoples.

Now, in 2030, our story keeps growing as if spring is always with us.

Once, we uttered the dream of a rainbow.
Now we see it, living it. It does not curve over the sky.
It is refracted in each one of us at home, in the community, in the city, and across the land, in an abundance of colour.

When we see it in the faces of our children, we know: there will always be, for us, a worthy future.

And when I read it I was overcome with hope, I felt empassioned. Today I feel numb. I feel like I need some good news. Some spirit lifting. I think we all do.

The Week That Was

Death and Taxes

This week I learnt about Tax, so that I don’t get arrested – which is always a good thing, right? Why do they not teach you these things at school? Why do they not teach you these things at varsity? How are you supposed to just know these magical adult things? How did you learn them? Did you learn them?


Friday night was filled with schmoozing and cocktail drinking at TechBash. When I say ‘schmoozing’ I make myself sound more suave than I really am. In actual fact I spilled all the crushed ice in my pink mojito on the floor before the speeches began, despite trying really hard to be a Grown Up. Sigh.

I am not a Queen. I am a Khaleesi! 

I love Game of Thrones as much as the next person, but trying to pretend that you are Dothraki does not make you any better at horse-riding than yelling “I AM THE SWAN QUEEN” makes you at ballet. In any case, this is what was going through my head as I desperately tried not to fall off. Let me tell you a thing I learnt about horses. They can sense your fear.


Made my way through One Hundred Years Of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. It was wonderfully weird, but I found it quite dense. So dense in fact that reading Murakami afterwards feels quite light and easy. Here is a Haiku: Family curses / Desolation and hearses / Then time disperses.


Have you been to Massimo’s in Hout Bay? Go there. It was delish.


Many Episodes of Game of Thrones Season One, some supernatural teenage drama (you know which shows I’m talking about), and the Tree of Life. On the latter I just have to say, beautiful cinematography, but WTAF. Why can you not even tell me how he dies? My working theory is that it was the dinosaurs that did it. Also, apparently all Sean Penn got paid to do was go up and down in lifts while looking forlorn, and to walk miserably down glass corridors.

The Week That Was

You know it’s been a rough week when you can’t remember anything that happened before Thursday. I know I went to work. I know I slept… I can’t remember much more than that. What I do know is that post Thursday I:

Planned obsessively

I have a curated Google places map with the locations of all big name and recommended sights in New York, which I have amassed through reading a bajillion thousand blogs. I will probably throw this out the window once I get there, but I have to have something to do now to curtail my excitement. Also I really, really like planning.

Ate Zoku pops

Have you guys heard about Zoku pop makers? They are amazing. You can make ice-pop’s in 7 minutes – and they are delicious! We made banana, milo and peanut butter ones, and watched movies with friends. I am now pop-obsessed, and am very sad that the weather changed about two days ago, and all at once it there seems to be a chill in the air. Not exactly pop weather.

Family braai times

Saw my little cousin go off to his matric dance and felt very old, and very under dressed. Then ate amazing braai food and watched Idols.

Wrote a guest post

It’s a collection of cool links, you can check it out here.

My musical obsession this week: We Are Young, Fun. ft. Janelle Monae

The Week That Was

Work wise last week was filled with a great many things, from workshops on Open Education in Africa to getting my very first set of business cards. Other than that I’ve:

Become deliciously organised

I’d been meaning to sort through my bookmarks for a while, and although it was a labourious task I came across a few gems that I had forgotten I’d saved. I also like to bookmark articles that I don’t have time to get to yet, so I have a good long list of interesting stuff that I’m looking forward to perusing. I’ve used Delicious to organise everything, but I’m still trying to figure out how much I like it – I’ll let you know.

Picnicked and partied

Spent the whole of Saturday indulging in sweet treats and dancing. Picnicked in Maynardville park for a friends birthday, and then ate an inordinate amount of humus and the most delicious chocolate and marscopone brownies at the bf’s brother’s housewarming party. It was the first grownup soiree I have ever attended, and I can assure you that there is as much frivolity as at any other, just with more accomplished people. It was a good time.

Surfed and nursed a less than mild hangover

The latter was courtesy of cocktails made with probably far too old alcohol. The former was more paddling, chatting and trying not to choke on salt water than ‘surfing’ if the truth be told. The closest I came to surfing was trying to steer clear of two small children while hanging on for dear life to the sides of the board. After all that we went to Knead for some well deserved beverages (chai latte) and sustenance (tuna melt on rye) – then I be-lined it for my bed.

My musical obsession this week: People help the people, Birdy

The Week That Was


Drew pictures in the road

While waiting (very impatiently) for a certain boy, I sat in the road and drew pictures. Of my feet. Also, the gravel. See above (the scan is nothing to write home about, to be honest).

Discovered Pinterest

I hadn’t gotten on board with the phenomenon earlier because I was really worried about how much of a  timesuck it was likely to be. I have an obsessive nature about things like that, you see , so I thought it best not to push my trolley down the candy aisle. But, then the BF wrote an article about it, and I was pulled in by the faux-exclusive appeal. Now I’m hooked. You too? Come visit!

You say goodbye, I say hello

Sadly had to bid adieu to a most awesome intern at Paperight on Wednesday, which we did with cupcakes and during-work-drinking. But we had a new team member join the very next day, so, you know, bitter sweet and all that… We also said farewell to our first project phase, which was admittedly fairly exciting: onwards and upwards from here.

Watched the Twin Peaks movie

It was awesome, and terrifying. I was very sad that we didn’t get to see a lot of my favourite characters from the series though. I was hoping to see some Lucy/Andy scenes, but alas… I still love the scenery and decor though – I intend to write an entire post about Twin Peaks and decor at a later stage so just you wait (Henry Higgens).

Went to the BFs work birthday celebration

I saw a woman eat 13 spoonfuls of chopped chilli. I was quite impressed.

Chilled with long missed friends

I made my very first curry, which was delicious and which I was incredibly proud of. I then proceeded to KICK ASS at Cluedo. Seriously. I solved the merde out of that murder (see what I did there?). I’m sorry. I apologise. I had to do it.

Design Indaba

Went to the Design Indaba, a massive design expo in Cape Town (my home, yo), where every self-respecting trend-setting design-inspired person in Cape Town (and often further afield) goes at this time each year to ooh and aah over the nifty and heartbreakingly beautiful things that cost one billion dollars, so, 8 billion rand. If you happen to be standing in the vicinity of someone who can afford to buy anything, it is customary to give them loathing glares, and to plot against them in muttered undertones while following them around creepily. Oh you mean that’s just me?

My musical obsession this week: Cruel, St. Vincent