Becoming a baker


I never used to be a baker. Not really. Not in any legitimate sense anyway, I mostly preferred cakes of the packet mix variety. Recently however, I have the baking bug in a bad way (and by ‘bad’, I mean for my waistline, obvies). That’s not to say that I have forsaken the cake mix. Not at all, my friends. Ina Parmen and I are still homies. Never-the-less, I have become increasingly obsessed with food and baking blogs, and have been baking the shit out nearly every weekend.

From an ‘angry birds’ birthday cake, to caramel-creamcheese frosted cupcakes, as well as this amazing red wine and chocolate cake (which I have made 4 times already)- I’m pretty obsessed. I think it’s because of the precise instructions and the sense of accomplishment, which is something you hardly ever get in the process of writing a dissertation. Academic writing is all painstaking conceptual work and editing. And then editing the edited work. And then editing that. There are never instructions. NEVER. There is no recipe. You have no idea how much milk to put in, or what kind of flour to use. The process of writing is beautiful, yes, but also your very own special brand of hell and horror.

Thankfully, I submitted my dissertation last Monday, so by now the hell and horror are fading into the background. I’m fairly sure that the balancing of the conceptual work with practical activity is the only reason why my brain hasn’t shut down. Worst-case scenario: it’s on standby. I can deal with that. I don’t need much in the way of brain power to eat ice-cream and watch TV. Power-saving mode is fine.

To say that this has been a good food weekend would be an understatement of considerable proportions. It was Epic. There was banana bread, there were burgers and ‘oven baked’ chips (which, honestly, were more accurately chip-shaped roast potatoes), there were dark chocolate and peanut butter cookies, there was chocolate cake, peanut butter cupcakes, marshmallows, steak, and butternut soup. It was consumed with generous side-servings of birthdays, family, old friends, new friends, over-dramatic and hilarious teenage drama (on TV), over-dramatic and hilarious adult drama (not on TV), boardgames, and wine.


And tequila.

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